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  1. BEST Target BuyBox Amazon Repricer  
ChannelMAX offers the most comprehensive 60 parameter Repricer or pricing management (repricing) for your listing accross many sites such as Amazon (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, India), Rakuten (formerly Buy.COM) and Play.COM. You may have 100 SKUs listed in Amazon or 500,000 SKUs listed in Amazon. ChannelMAX can manage it with ease, it all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed. Read More
Starting Jan-1-2014, we offer repricing service for Amazon China and India as well,      

      Real Time Repricing   Read More :

Starting at    $24.99 we offer repricing service for : Watch This Video 


2. Multi Channel Inventory Management  
We solve this complex problem in a simple way. Input your SKU stock level in ChannelMAX and let ChannelMAX make sure that quantity is synchronized across all your selling platform. Every 30 mins, we track your sales transactions, get the net quantity which is then updated to the selling venues. Read More

Starting at    $34.99 we offer multi channel inventory mgmt solution for :

    We support

3. Auto conversion to Amazon FBA (MCF)  
Do you sell in EBay or Buy.COM or Sears or Volusion or any other selling venue ? Do you also sell in Amazon FBA ? ChannelMAX can connect both. ChannelMAX can automatically download your orders from non-Amazon sites and convert as an Amazon FBA order, when order is shipped by Amazon FBA, ChannelMAX will feed the tracking number back to the non-Amazon selling venue. It all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed. Using ChannelMAX, you can keep also your FBA qty updated in other non Amazon sites, as long as SKUs match. Read More

Starting at    $24.99 we offer FBA conversion service for (MCF) :

    We support

4. Amazon search tool  
Do you have list of UPCs or ASINs or EANs or Keywords that you want to search in Amazon ? If you pay $24.99 a month (for any other service such as repricing, inventory mgmt etc.), its free for you. Otherwise its $24.99 a month. Read More

    We support

** Best Support  
Every plan includes nearly 24x7 support. Support is provided via Ticket system. For complex issues, Skype support is available. Paul (the architect of ChannelMAX) is available for tough nuts to crack.



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