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Need only 5 mins to get started
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Section-1: Amazon MWS Credentials:    Your IP is: 
Click here to see how to get Amazon MWS Auth Token ...
To register with ChannelMAX, you are required to have a valid Amazon account. You will need to sign up with Amazon MWS and get your keys and input into this form. On button click, ChannelMAX will do immediate validation of these keys, and if valid, your ChannelMAX login will be created and you will be up and running in max 5 to 10 mins.  
Amazon MarketPlace*     MarketPlaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER  
  Please follow the steps below to first obtain MWS Authorisation Token for ChannelMAX.
ChannelMAX is part of Amazon MWS Developer Council, all information are secure.

1. Login to your  Amazon USA Seller Central
2. Within SellerCentral, go to

    Settings --> User Permissions.

    Under Manage your apps, click on 'Authorize new developer' button

3. On the next page select I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS

4. Input

      Developer Name = ChannelMAX

      Developer ID =
      Click on NEXT.

5. Agree and Click on NEXT.

6. On Sucess, you will be given given MWS Authorisation Token

      Copy the Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token and paste in the boxes below
Amazon SellerID*   Generally starts with 'A', e.g. A23HN5KQ6KPJQJQ 
Amazon Auth Token* 
 Its a long alphanumeric code starting with amzn. 
Section-2: Personal Info  
We will need a valid email address to email your ChannelMAX password.  
Please enter your email    Password will be mailed to this email. 
Choose Your ChannelMAX Login*    Max len 13, numbers and characters only. 
Your Name*     Name by which to address you. 
Choose a monthly plan*  
Plan= $34.99, 500 SKUs, CONTINOUS repricing  
How Did you hear about us?*       
Your phone (for phone support)      
   Automatically Import SKUs From Amazon Seller Central  
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Register and email me the password
clicking on the Register button above will automatically bind you to ChannelMAX terms and conditions.

Trial Ends :   27-Apr-2020

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(B) What happens once registered successfully ?  
    1.     Once registered, you will be emailed with ChannelMAX system generated password along with your chosen ChannelMAX login ID.

    2.     The registered selling venue (such as Amazon USA) would be added to the 'Selling Venue' list under ' --> Setup'.

    3.     'Default' repricer model will be created by ChannelMAX which may be modified. The default setting will be to match with lowest offer (rule#1, 'unified --> setup --> repricing model'), however for your FBA SKUs, since you would get BuyBox even if you are higher than other nonFBA offers, it will be set to match other FBA offers, but set to be 2.98% higher than other nonFBA listings (rule#4a and rule#4c combination).

    4.     Using your credentials, ChannelMAX will automatically import your SKUs from Amazon store front, meaning active SKUs only. Please note that your quantity in ChannelMAX will be set to 888, this should not worry you as for repricing we would only need a positive value in quantity, and quantity is not fed to Amazon (as part of repricing). Within next 2 hrs of import, quantity from Amazon will be reflected in your 'Inventory' dashboard.

    5.     ChannelMAX repricer needs two critical price points: bottom price or floor (defined in ChannelMAX as 'Cost/Min') and high price or ceiling price (defined in ChannelMAX as 'Retail/Max').

    6.     Cost/Min is left empty. ChannelMAX will not reprice your SKUs without Cost/Min.

    7.     Retail/Max is set to your price in Amazon at the time of import.

    8.     Once SKUs are imported, it will be reflected under 'Repricing'.

    9.     Repricer will be automatically scheduled every 30 mins (or continous) as chosen at registration. The schedule can be viewed at 'Process Setup' (unified --> setup). Once SKU import is complete, repricer is forced to run, once the repricer is complete, the 'Inventory' dashboard will be refreshed with BuyBox price, competitor price and your current price, as well as, Amazon sales rank and product category. It will show your current 'BuyBox' count, 'ShotAtBuyBox' count and 'Deadbeat' count.

BuyBox count represents how many SKUs you held BuyBox at the time of repricing.

ShotAtBuyBox count represents those SKUs for which you don't have BuyBox but you are in the 'BuyBox Rotation'.

Deadbeat count represents those SKUs for which your floor (bottom price) plus shipping is atleast 5% higher than that of BuyBox total price. Deadbeat SKUs will be hard for you sell as you would seldom get BuyBox on these SKUs. You may lower your Cost/Min to become more competitive.

    10.     Please note that no prices will be updated to Amazon, as this is for demonstration purpose only. However you may make ChannelMAX repricer live, meaning start feeding prices to Amazon by unchecking rule#44a in repricing model.


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