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BuyBox Maximization, Business Pricing, Private Labels, N More

ChannelMAX Real Time or Continuous Amazon Repricer is a must have for every Amazon seller to MAXIMISE two things: the BuyBox percentage as well as maximize the BuyBox price. Amazon BuyBox is the price spot that every sellers looks to obtain. ChannelMAX tries to make sure your maximum exposure to this BuyBox spot. You don't have to do anything, its all done by ChannelMAX Amazon Repricing Tool's ALGORITHMIC repricing.

Algorithmic repricing is based on many many parameters that ChannelMAX needs to use intrinsically. This intrinsic data, Big Data, needs to be gathered and then applied with statistical models in Real Time to arrive at the correct price. We use information such as BuyBox, BuyBox Rotation, SalesRank and Sales Velocity etc., and then we combine this information along with sales target and apply it to our ALGORITHM.

Amazon Repricing Software comes enabled with Amazon Business Pricing and repricing for Amazon Private labels with Sales Velocity logic as well as logic for Related ASINs and Bundles/Packs. We also now have Walmart repricing, however, it's as not as powerful as that of Amazon repricing because of limited capability of Walmart API.

RefundMAX : Amazon FBA Refunds Management

Do you want to use ChannelMAX Repricer for free?
After 12 months of studying and analyzing Amazon FBA processes, in Y 2019, ChannelMAX FBA RefundMAX was deployed for the sellers. If you sell on Amazon FBA, you may or may not notice that FBA warehouse management, customer return management etc. are not perfect. For no fault of your own, there are situations resulting in your FBA inventory loss or FBA inventory damage. These are not reimbursed back to you. There are situations when Amazon does not properly classify your customer returned items. ChannelMAX has deployed intelligence and data science to find these anomalies and request Amazon for reimbursement. It has been a great success so far with nearly half a million ($500K) reimbursement for over 100+ sellers. Without the help from ChannelMAX, sellers would have never been able to recover this money. Use this ChannelMAX tool RefundMAX and with the money recovered from Amazon, cover the cost of ChannelMAX repricer. You can make ChannelMAX Repricer free.

Adhoc Services: STOCK Control

For sellers using ChannelMAX Amazon Repricer or the ChannelMAX Amazon Repricing tool, we offer this adhoc service of stock control. Input your SKU stock level in ChannelMAX and let ChannelMAX make sure that quantity is synchronized across all your selling platforms. Every 15 to 30 mins, we track your sales and inventory adjustments transactions, calculate net quantity which is then updated to the selling venues. ChannelMAX stock control is highly configurable including integrating with any supplier providing the feed with any format.

ChannelMAX Stock Control
Adhoc Services: SEARCH Amazon

For sellers using ChannelMAX Amazon Repricer or the ChannelMAX Amazon Repricing tool, we offer Amazon Research free. Of you can subscribe independently for $24.99 a month. Do you have a list of UPCs or ASINs or EANs or Keywords that you want to search on Amazon? You can use ChannelMAX UPCSearch application to look up one by one of in bulk. You can process as many as 25K with one file upload. Once uploaded, the file would be processed by ChannelMAX server and result will be emailed to you. The speed of lookup depends on the speed of Amazon Products-API, generally around 25K ASINs or UPCs or EANs could be processed every hour. If you pay $34.99 a month (for any other service such as repricing, stock control etc.), its free for you. Otherwise its $24.99 a month.

Amazon Search and Research
Adhoc Services: Amazon MCF

For sellers using ChannelMAX Amazon Repricer or the ChannelMAX Amazon Repricing tool, we offer Amzon Research free. Of you can subscribe independently for $24.99 a month. Amazon MCF stands for Multi Channel Fulfillment and applicable to your Amazon FBA items only. Do you sell on eBay or Buy.COM or Sears or Volusion or any other selling venue? Do you also sell in Amazon FBA? ChannelMAX can connect both. ChannelMAX can automatically download your orders from non-Amazon sites and convert them as Amazon FBA orders to be directly shipped by Amazon FBA warehouse. Once FBA creates the label and assigns the Tracking Number, ChannelMAX will import it and feed the tracking number back to the non-Amazon selling venue where the order was placed by buyer. It all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed. Using ChannelMAX, you can keep also your FBA qty updated in other non-Amazon sites, as long as SKUs match.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment MCF
Adhoc Services: eBay Cross Lister

Our FBA Maximizer also allows you to list your FBA listings to other marketplaces such as eBay etc. in an automatic fashion that keeps you free to the real work, buying cheap and selling at a reasonable profit. ChannelMAX will gather all the required information for listing to eBay or other marketplaces, information such as description, images, manufacturer name, part number, other relevant attributes. ChannelMAX is also capable of getting variation information and parent child relationship. Once all the information is gathered, then ChannelMAX auto lists the items to eBay. ChannelMAX does all this automatically, hardly any manual intervention needed.

eBay Cross Lister
ChannelMAX: A Journey

Back in 2007, when people were just getting the hang of how to sell on Amazon, ChannelMAX was many steps ahead. ChannelMAX introduced rule based Amazon pricing management. The journey began with a trip to one of the largest Amazon sellers based in Brooklyn, New York. Using ChannelMAX, sales jumped manifold. Since then ChannelMAX has not looked back, always keeping pace with the changing nature of 3rd party selling. In Y2016, ChannelMAX introduced Algorithmic Repricing with super simplification of complex rules. In the year 2007, Amazon rewarded ChannelMAX by having the application listed on its solution page.

We are part of Amazon Developer Council with our Algorithmic RealTime Continuous Amazon Repricer featured on Amazon App Store.

ChannelMAX Amazon Journey
Customer Service

For the Best Amazon Repricer

We strive for the best customer service, and regular positive feedback on it always inspires to work harder and smarter. We strive to have the best customer service in the industry. During weekdays, We have nearly 22 hrs a day support. On weekends, no support query is left unanswered for more than 5 hours.

ChannelMAX Customer Service

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Best Amazon Price Management Software

The BEST Re-pricer on the market.
I have used other repricing tools, this one is by far the best. There are so many options compared to others that I have used. This one gives you total control over pricing, up, down, matching, etc. I have been able to set it up to increase net margin and still own the buy box. It took some time to learn and get lined out for my application, but by far the most powerful tool on the market. I have considered other options for my Amazon requirements: Monsoon, Channel Advisor, etc. I have been able to piece the tools together from multiple sources to create my own total eCommerce package. ChannelMAX.net is one of the keys to the puzzle for the complete eCommerce package. Very affordable for the power that it gives my business.

Amazon Repricer
Best Amazon Repricing Tool

ChannelMAX with their brilliantly designed repricing utility, and multiple channel should be the obvious choice for any seller. They not only offer repricing but tons of other services that any seller would have dreamed of. Their customer support is extremely helpful whether for setting up an account, running an account or for any of your technical issues. We have not seen any service that is better and more helpful than ChannelMAX that words are truly not enough to describe it.On top of everything they have a very reasonable pricing for their services. Once You have found ChannelMAX we would say look no further, contact Paul to set you up an account and get going. Once again Thank You ChannelMAX.


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Most Advanced Amazon Repricer
Best Amazon Repricer

Simply the Best Repricer out there.
If you want to be on top of your game that's your best bet. We have been using ChannelMAX for quite a while and are very pleased with it. The repricing is second to none with such flexibility that no one offers or even comes close. And with Paul We had a super experience he understands what is needed and perfectly implements everything..


Most Advanced Repricer
Best Amazon Repricing Software

Absolutely the best!
We are featured merchants on Amazon and needed the support of a 3rd party integration company. Right from the beginning, Channel Max was extremely professional and very friendly. They explained in detail how their software worked and were always available for questions and/or concerns. We started using their re-pricing system and were amazed how well it worked. Sales increased immediately due to the rapid response time their system employed. We then partnered with Channel Max to manage all of our drop ship orders from various distributors. Again, their system was flawless and made our lives so much easier. Most importantly though, our sales tripled because of these new changes. We researched several companies and none were as courteous, efficient or competitively priced as Channel Max. Paul and his team have been terrific and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who may be looking for this type of service. No question, they are the best out there.


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