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With 13 years of Amazon experience and counting !!

ChannelMAX is a super simple cloud service that connects your marketplace listings to Fulfillment by Amazon, automates order entry and syncs inventory across all channels.

Key Principles

1. Inventory

ChannelMAX provides a central inventory system keyed in by SKU (stock keeping unit). A distinct physical item can be cataloged into various selling venues and controlled from ChannelMAX central inventory system. ChannelMAX will keep track of the historical progression of your stock quantity.

2. Same item, many listings (ASINs)

Many a time, it so happens that for the same physical item, there are multiple ASINs in Amazon. And you as a seller would list in all ASINs (smart move), however, the nightmare starts with managing stock for all the siblings (listings) tied to the same physical item in your warehouse. Using master-child relationship, you can do it easily in ChannelMAX.

3. Master SKU and variations

When you sell a shirt with different colors and sizes, it's easy to manage in Amazon. But not so easy in eBay. In Amazon, each variation is managed by the assigned SKU, same is not applicable in eBay. In Ebay, the sum of quantities of all the variations needs also be tracked. Try ChannelMAX and see how we do it.

4. Auto Inventory Adjustment

ChannelMAX automatically adjusts inventory when an item sells or gets a bid, and if the SKU becomes out of stock, takes out from all selling venues. ChannelMAX gives you an "Auto Inventory Adjustment Report" with exact time stamp, selling venue and listing id (and transaction id) that impacts the inventory.

5. Inventory Allocation Profile

When you have 10 qty of an SKU, ChannelMAX by default would feed qty of 10 to all your selling venues. However, at times, you may like to allocate less than actual qty (in the warehouse) to a specific selling venue, more needed if the item sells faster in one venue and slower in the other one. Since real time inventory mgmt is impossible, a slight delay can cause order cancellation in the slow moving selling venue. The inventory quantity allocation can also be defined at the SKU level. Inventory allocation profile allocates quantity allocation by each selling venue.

6. Adding a new SKU

In addition to performing stock control, ChannelMAX can also automatically add items to MarketPlace. We can add to Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many others of your choice. For Amazon, we only piggy back, meaning add to existing ASINs in Amazon. For Walmart, its added using the UPC.

7. FTP integration

You may also feed up your quantity by SKUs via an FTP file. ChannelMAX system will look for a file in the specific FTP location, if found it will import the stock information into ChannelMAX and process it to the applicable marketplaces.

8. Supplier Integration

Do you have a supplier that you want to integrate with ChannelMAX? No problem, we can integrate up to 5 suppliers.

9. Standard Dropship Integration

ChannelMAX supports a whole list of suppliers including CWR, DBL, PETRA, Sanmar etc. For supplier integration, we will need access to auto download the supplier product files, such as item, quantity, and cost. ChannelMAX will auto download these files, process as needed and finally integrate with the marketplaces.

10. Kit or bundles

Suppose you sell "Camera with battery" with SKU-100. In you warehouse, you stock Camera separately and Battery separately. When this SKU sells, you need to put two separate things in the shipment. Camera (SKU-102) and Battery (SKU-101). Hence SKU-100 is called the Bundle SKU or Kit SKU and SKU-101 and SKU-102 are part of this bundle aka kit.

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