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Pricing : ChannelMAX Amazon Repricer

ChannelMAX Repricing monthly subscription fee depends on the number of SKUs and the speed of repricing. The minimum plan starts at $34.99 for 500 SKUs with every 2/3 mins repricing (also known as Real Time Reprcing). As the number of SKUs increases, the fee also increases. You can check these prices at our registration page.

Real Time Amazon Repricing Plans:
  • 1. $34.99 for SKU Limit of 500 SKUs Most Popular, Try
  • 2. $49.99 for SKU Limit of 2500
  • 3. $69.99 for SKU Limit of 5K 2nd Most Popular, Try
  • 4. $99.99 for SKU Limit of 10K
  • 5. $124.99 for SKU Limit of 25K
  • 6. $149.99 for SKU Limit of 50K
  • 7. $199.99 for SKU Limit of 100K
  • 8. $249.99 for SKU Limit of 250K
  • 9. $499.99 for SKU Limit of 500K
Regular Amazon Repricing Plans:
  • 1. $49.99 for SKU Limit 10K
  • 3. $74.99 for SKU Limit 25K
  • 4. $99.99 for SKU Limit 50K
You can add additional Amazon locales for a very low monthly fee
All Plans include all the features.
With 20x7 Support via Chat, Email, Phone and Ticket System

Pricing : FBA Refunds Manager

FBA Refund Manager has two plan types. Once is self managed and the other one is ChannelMAX managed. In self managed, we will create the cases, but you will have to manually submit to Amazon. In ChannelMAX managed, ChannelMAX will post the support cases to Amazon on your behalf. ChannelMAX managed is recommended as it produces better refunds with ChannelMAX case analysis post Amazon rejection. For 'Self Managed', ChannelMAX charges 15% of the recovered amount, and in "ChannelMAX Managed", its 15%. There is no upfront fee or monthly fee, its only on the recovered amount.

Starts At
of recovered amount.
Amazon MCF and List To EBay

Automatically list FBA items to eBay and convert orders from eBay or other non-Amazon marketplaces to Amazon MCF. This gets you unlimited auto MCF conversion but limited to 100 eBay listings. Beyond 100 eBay listings, there is a one time fee of $50 for each 100 items listed on eBay. ChannelMAX can automatically download your orders from non-Amazon sites and convert as an Amazon FBA order, when order is shipped by Amazon FBA, ChannelMAX will feed the tracking number back to the non-Amazon selling venue. It all happens automatically, no manual intervention needed. Using ChannelMAX, you can keep also your FBA qty updated in other non Amazon sites, as long as SKUs match.

per month
Inventory Sync.

Keep your quantity in sync across all MarketPlaces. Input your SKU stock level in ChannelMAX and let ChannelMAX make sure that quantity is synchronized across all your selling platform. Every 30 mins, we track your sales transactions, get the net quantity which is then updated to the MarketPlaces.

per month
(2500 SKUs)
Amazon Search

Do you have list of UPCs or ASINs or EANs or Keywords that you want to search in Amazon? Free with any plan of $34.99 or more, else $24.99 a month.

per month

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