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FBA Refunds Manager
FBA Reimbursements
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We audit all of the following:

Destroyed Inventory
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Damaged Inventory
Customer Damaged
Customer Replaced
FBA Fee Correction

FBA Refunds Manager
1 of 11. Are You Leaving Money on The Table?

Empirical evidence shows that all units you send to the Amazon FBA warehouse, are not accounted for. You are surely leaving money on the table if you are not claiming reimbursement from Amazon for the unaccounted units.

Amazon FBA Reimbursements
2 of 11. What Errors Occur at The FBA Warehouse?

Typical errors at the FBA Warehouse are listed below :

  • Loss of Inventory
  • Damage of Inventory
  • Destruction of Inventory
  • FBA Inbound Shipment reconciliation
  • Customer returns handling
  • Reimbursement valuation
  • Warehouse transfers

FBA Shipping Reconciliation
3 of 11. Does Amazon Own up to its Mistakes?

Yes, Amazon does own up to its mistakes but, only if you report the issues properly. Amazon not only owns up its mistakes but also reimburses for them.

FBA Damaged Inventory Refunds Management
4 of 11. How ChannelMAX can Help?

  • ChannelMAX helps you by identifying and quantifying the errors by Amazon FBA warehouse.
  • ChannelMAX calculates the estimated reimbursements on signing up.
  • ChannelMAX organizes these mistakes by SKU and the type of errors and creates case statements backed by data as reported by Amazon.
  • The case statements are then manually posted as Amazon support cases.
  • Amazon replies to the support cases within a few days, sometimes in a few hours.
  • The replies are then re-validated by the ChannelMAX team, to ensure that the minimum amount of money is left on the table.

FBA Refunds Incorrect FBA Fees
5 of 11. Pre-Requisites for ChannelMAX to Start Recovering My Money

To be able to use our service you need to :

  • Selling items on Amazon as FBA
  • Give ChannelMax developer access to the Amazon locales of your choice
  • Give ChannelMAX login access to your Amazon Seller central with the following permissions :
    • Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments
    • Fulfilment Reports
    • Payments/ Settlement Reports
    • Manage Your Cases

FBA Refunds Manager Mishandled Refunds & Returns
6 of 11. How Does Amazon Compensate Me For Errors at The FBA Warehouse?

Amazon reimburses you for the problem units. The problem units are determined by analyzing different reports that are provided by Amazon. Amazon makes you whole for the problem units in either of the following ways -

  • Returning the problem units to your inventory
  • Reimbursing you for the value of the item, less FBA fees, and Referral

FBA Refunds Manager Mishandled Customer Returns
7 of 11. ChannelMAX Relationship Manager

A dedicated ChannelMax Relationship Manager will be assigned to handle your account. The Relationship Manager will be supported by the larger ChannelMAX team. The ChannelMAX team will take care of the following:

  • Review your account
  • File a small batch of claims with Amazon for you
  • Will handle all follow-ups related to the claims submitted on your behalf
  • Will contact you occasionally if a particular case needs additional documentation

FBA Refunds Manager Mishandled Customer Refunds
8 of 11. Is the claims submission process automated?

No. In accordance with Amazon's Terms of Service, we do not automate any claim submissions. Your Relationship Manager reviews each potential claim and manually submits quality claims with accurate data.

FBA Refunds Manager Incorrect FBA Quantities
9 of 11. Cost of ChannelMAX service

There are no fixed fees or charges. ChannelMAX tries to get the money (aka reimbursements) from Amazon. Based on the money reimbursed, ChannelMAX charges a percentage of the recovered amount. We strictly adhere to Amazon's terms of service (TOS). The ChannelMAX team will work off computers located in our Chicago data center.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You can also pay using PayPal. Every other Monday, we'll send you an invoice of all the reimbursements we successfully recovered for you in the past two weeks. You'll have the week to review, and we'll charge the payment method stored on your account the following Monday.

FBA Refunds Manager Amazon Owes You Money
10 of 11. How do I cancel my service?

Please write to support at if you want to cancel. As per your advice, we will cease operations.

  • Post cancellation, if you want us to continue supporting any pending support cases, your Relationship Manager will continue to monitor them until they are closed.
  • Once all support cases raised by us are closed, you will receive a final invoice and we will close your account. This process can take up to two weeks.

FBA Refunds Manager
11 of 11. What happens to my data when I cancel?

We will archive the data for thirty days after cancellation. All the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data will be destroyed. Within 30 days, you can request a dump of your data.

Please refer to Terms & Condition for details

Write to sales at to start recovering your money immediately!

We will help you set up your account. As soon as you are ready, we will start by providing you with an estimate of the recoveries. We will officially commence our work, only with your written approval.

Amazon Refunds Manager

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Amazon FBA Refunds Manager
FBA Refunds Manager

ChannelMAX with their brilliantly designed repricing utility, and multiple channel should be the obvious choice for any seller. They not only offer repricing but tons of other services that any seller would have dreamed of. Their customer support is extremely helpful whether for setting up an account, running an account or for any of your technical issues. We have not seen any service that is better and more helpful than ChannelMAX that words are truly not enough to describe it.On top of everything they have a very reasonable pricing for their services. Once You have found ChannelMAX we would say look no further, contact Paul to set you up an account and get going. Once again Thank You ChannelMAX.
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Amazon Refunds Management

What's the feedback!

Amazon Refunds Manager
Amazon Refunds Manager

Absolutely the best!
We are featured merchants on Amazon and needed the support of a 3rd party integration company. Right from the beginning, Channel Max was extremely professional and very friendly. They explained in detail how their software worked and were always available for questions and/or concerns. We started using their re-pricing system and were amazed how well it worked. Sales increased immediately due to the rapid response time their system employed. We then partnered with Channel Max to manage all of our drop ship orders from various distributors. Again, their system was flawless and made our lives so much easier. Most importantly though, our sales tripled because of these new changes. We researched several companies and none were as courteous, efficient or competitively priced as Channel Max. Paul and his team have been terrific and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who may be looking for this type of service. No question, they are the best out there.
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Amazon Refunds Manager

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