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 Repricing, Inventory, MCF, Amazon-Search
1. Reprice your items
ChannelMAX offers complete pricing management. From a single dashboard, you may manage prices across many locales such as Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon Europe, Amazon Japan, Amazon India and Amazon China. Additionally you can manage for EBay (cataloged items or media items), Play.COM and Rakuten (Buy.COM).



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2. Manage inventory centrally
ChannelMAX offers complete inventory management. The inventory management is at the core of ChannelMAX. Read More

ChannelMAX provides a central inventory system keyed in by SKU (stock keeping unit). A distinct physical item can be cataloged into various selling venues and controlled from ChannelMAX central inventory system. ChannelMAX will keep track of historical progression of your stock quantity.

Same item, many listings (ASINs)
Many a times, it so happens that for the same physical item, there are mutiple ASINs in Amazon. And you as a seller, would list in all ASINs (smart move). However nightmare starts with managing stock for all the siblings (listings) tied to same physical item in your warehouse. Using master-child relationship, you can do it easily in ChannelMAX.

Master SKU and variations
When you sell a shirt with different colors and sizes, its easy to manage in Amazon. But not so easy in EBay. In Amazon, each variation is managed by the assigned SKU, same is not applicable in EBay. In Ebay, the sum of quantities of all the variations need also be tracked. Try ChannelMAX and see how we do it.

Auto Inventory Adjustment
ChannelMAX automatically adjusts inventory when an item sells or gets bid, and if the SKU becomes out of stock, takes out from all selling venues. ChannelMAX gives you an "Auto Inventory Adjustment Report" with exact time stamp, selling venue and listingID (and transactionID) that impacts the inventory.

Inventory Allocation Profile
When you have 10 qty of an SKU, ChannelMAX by default would feed qty of 10 to all your selling venues. However, at times, you may like to allocate less than actual qty (in warehouse) to a specific selling venue, more needed if the item sells faster in one venue and slower in the other one. Since real time inventory mgmt is impossible, a slight delay can cause order cancellation in the slow moving selling venue. The inventory quantity allocation can also be defined at the SKU level. Inventory allocation prifle allocates quantity allocation by each selling venue.

Adding a new SKU
You can delegate ChannelMAX to add new items to Amazon, provided you input SKU, ASIN, Quantity, Retail/Max and Condition. ChannelMAX checks if an item is not present in your Amazon Seller Central, if not present, it adds to Amazon. Runs automatically every 2 hrs.

3. Auto Convert FBA order
Fulfill your non Amazon orders via Amazon FBA, known as MCF (Muti Channel Fulfillment). Read More
Detail in Amazon

SKU Match
For MCF, ChannelMAX recommends that you assign same SKU to the listing in non Amazon selling venue such as eBay, Rakuten, Sears etc. That way its easy to convert the SKU from non Amazon selling venue to Amazon FBA, matching 100% on the SKU.

SKU Not matching
Sometime, it may so happen that the SKU to be converted to MCF, does not match 100% to the SKU in Amazon FBA. Even if ChannelMAX does not recommend this, ChannelMAX provides a way to map the non Amazon SKU to Amazon FBA SKU and facilitate MCF conversion.

Order Download
ChannelMAX will automatically download the orders from the selling venues. ChannelMAX will make sure expedited orders are marked accordingly.

MCF Conversion
The downloaded orders are then automatically converted to MCF. This is done based on SKU (direct matched or mapped). You may also setup rule not to convert orders from a specific country, or process a standard order as expedited.

Tracking number update
Once MCF order is processed by Amazon FBA, tracking number is obtained from Amazon and updated to the selling venue where the order originated.

4. FBA To EBay Listing Management
Do you sell in Amazon FBA and want to have your items listed in EBay without a minuite of you time ?

ChannelMAX provides a uniform listing platform across EBay US and EBay Europe. In a true multi-channel selling settings, for an inventory you can define listing templates for various selling venues. You can define the listing title, price, HTML template by selling venue and list individually.

ChannelMAX offers dynamic listing template with variety of macros such as TITLE, DESCRIPTION, IMAGES, SKU, COUNTER etc.. Using dynamic template, you can easily change the look and feel of your listing.

ChannelMAX offers free scheduling to EBay and Overstock. You don't have to pay to schedule anymore.

Recurring Scheduling
You can define recurring schedules for your listings on a daily or weekly basis.
Batch Scheduling
ChannelMAX provides excellent automation for scheduling listings in batches, for example schedule 10 listings every Monday at 7PM. You can define as many batches as you want and schedule accordingly.

Maintain Open Schedule
Maintain open schedule makes sure that you at least have one active listing in Ebay or Overstock Auctions. This is applicable for fixed price listings or listings with BuyItNow price. As soon as the listing ends with BuyItNow or in the stipulated time, ChannelMAX launches the subsequent listing.

Auto Relist Credit Management (Shows you hidden cash).
There are two ways to list an item to Ebay, list (new item) or re-list (unsold item). Suppose you have an item, you list the item to eBay (and say get ListingID of 12340008199). Item 12340008199 didn't sell, then you may re-list that item to eBay from listingID 12340008199, and if sold the 2nd time, eBay will refund you the insertion fee. ChannelMAX makes sure that your unsold item gets re-listed as much possible so that you are eligible for maximum re-list credit from EBay. Please note that ChannelMAX does not automatically re-list an item if unsold. But if you (as a seller) choose to launch that unsold item again to Ebay (either using ChannelMAX scheduling or ChannelMAX direct launch), then ChannelMAX makes sure that it gets listed to EBay as "Re-list" and saves you money. Depending on the listing volume, the savings generated from eBay re-list credit varies, anywhere from $0 to $1000 dollar a month. If ChannelMAX saves you more that $10 a month, ChannelMAX charges a commission.

5. Search Amazon
ChannelMAX offers Amazon search based on ASIN, UPC, EAN and Keyword. Read More

ASIN Search
You may use this search tool to search an ASIN in Amazon and get all the details about it, including bullet points.

UPC Search
You may use this search tool to search an UPC in Amazon and get all the details about all the ASINs under that UPC.

EAN Search
You may use this search tool to search an EAN in Amazon and get all the details about all the ASINs under that EAN.

Keyword Search
You may use this search tool to search Keyword (such as manufacturer and manufacturer part number combination) in Amazon and get all the details about all the ASINs under that keyword.

Bulk Search
Do you have list of 100 UPCs that you want to search in bulk (such as using a tab delimited text file), it's possible using this tool.

FTP Automation
Using ChannelMAX, you can automate Amazon search based on ASIN or UPC or EAN or Keyword. You may drop a file in your FTP location and ChannelMAX would process the search using Amazon API and post the result back into your FTP. This process could be used to search thousands of items in bulk. Read more.

6. EBay Post Sale Management (** FUTURE **)

ChannelMAX offers complete inventory management. You can define as many attributes of an item as you want using dynamic attribute assigment. The inventory management is at the core of ChannelMAX.


ChannelMAX lets you download PayPal fee, PayPal buyer note and transaction number for EBay and Overstock transactions. This is great feature given that you can get a complete profit analysis by combining ChannelMAX recorded Listing Fee, Final Value Fee, PayPal fee and Shipping Fee.

Auto Feedback Management
ChannelMAX offers automated Ebay feedback management when you receive positive feedback from your buyer.

Automatic 2nd Chance Offer (Optional)
Using ChannelMAX, you can setup your EBay auction listings in such a way that when auction ends ChannelMAX will automatically send 2nd chance offers to non-winning bidders with bid amount above the threshhold you can define in ChannelMAX. This can really increase your sales because timing is everything.

Automatic Best Offer: Counter Offer/Acceptance (Optional)
Using ChannelMAX, you can setup your EBay fixed price listings (BIN and Store) in such a way that when someone makes an offer, you can have ChannelMAX automatically accept, reject, or counter the offer by setting your best offer rule in ChannelMAX. This can really increase your sales becuase timing is everything.

Auto Invoicing
Auto invoicing in not yet implemented, its coming very soon. You can always send invoices manually.

Auto Adjust inventory when BID or SOLD
Complete Post Sale Management

7. Image Hosting (** FUTURE **)
Coming soon.


 Coming soon. 

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