Amazon’s Career Choice Program Hugely Successful

Amazon’s Career Choice Program Hugely Successful

Amazon’s Career Choice Program, the unique initiative of the online retailer to help its employees pursue further education and skills training, has helped nearly 60,000 employees in the year 2022.

In an official blog, the company announced that the annual participation in this program rose by 329% in the year 2022 over the previous year.

Launched in 2012 with a mission to empower employees to learn new skills for professional success, this program has helped more than 110,000 employees across 14 countries since its launch.

About Amazon’s Career Choice Program

Amazon’s Career Choice Program is an educational benefit for its employees, which helps them learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. Through this program, the company offers the enrolled employees fully funded college tuition, foundational skills, and career certificates.

In 2022, Amazon announced several additions to the program which include:

  • Increased Options: Employees can choose from a broader range of educational offerings, including high school completion/GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), and bachelor’s degrees, in addition to the previously offered associate degrees and certificates.
  • Fully Funded Opportunities: Up to an annual maximum benefit, Amazon will pre-pay 100% of tuition for employees to pursue everything from bachelor’s degrees to certificates.
  • Limitless Learning: As long as eligible employees work at Amazon, they can continue to take advantage of the Career Choice benefit with no lifetime limit.
  • Fast Starts: U.S. blue badge hourly employees (including part-time) will become eligible for Career Choice after 90 days of continuous employment rather than 12 months.

How Can Employees Apply?

Interested and eligible employees can explore program offerings, network schools, and apply to the Career Choice program by logging in at

Notably, In the early days of its launch, this program mainly focused on offering postsecondary certificate programs to operations employees. But ten years later, this program offers many benefits to employees, including prepaid college tuition, career coaching, new industry certifications, and more.

“We know that employees are looking for various ways to continue or start their education and skills training pursuits. The diverse opportunities available through the Career Choice program, and our nine other upskilling programs, are reflective of the needs and potential of our incredible workforce,” said Beth Galetti, SVP of People, eXperience, and Technology at Amazon.

Amazon Career Choice’s network of partners includes 400 education institutes, including top colleges and universities.

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