Amazon India Updates Coupon Policy with New Pricing Requirements for Sellers

Amazon India Updates Coupon Policy with New Pricing Requirements for Sellers

By Staff Writer

Amazon India has announced the implementation of new pricing requirements for sellers using coupons on its platform. This move aims to ensure that the coupons offered to customers are of high integrity and provide genuine discounts. The e-commerce giant is introducing these requirements to maintain a transparent and trustworthy shopping environment for its vast customer base.

Key Changes to Coupon Pricing

The new pricing requirements will affect how coupons are managed and presented on Products that do not meet these requirements will be temporarily excluded from coupons until they comply with the new rules. Sellers can expect to encounter specific errors on the coupon view page if their products are affected. These errors are designed to guide sellers in adjusting their pricing strategies to meet the new standards.

Price History Issue: Products must have a sales history on Amazon before they are eligible for coupon promotions. This requirement ensures that discounts are based on genuine sales data, maintaining the integrity of coupon offers.

Increase Discount Requirement: The promotion price, which is the buyable Price minus the discount value, must be lower than either the median Price at which customers purchased the product on Amazon in the last 90 days (Was Price) or the recent lowest Price. Sellers may need to increase their discount value to make their products eligible for coupons.

Minimum or Maximum Discount Issue: Coupons must offer a discount that falls within a specified range over the product's current Price. This range is defined by a minimum and maximum sale price discount percentage, ensuring that discounts are significant enough to be attractive to customers while maintaining fair pricing practices.

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Guidance for Sellers

Sellers affected by these changes are encouraged to review their pricing strategies and adjust their discounts accordingly. Amazon India has provided resources and guidelines on understanding coupon errors, which are available on the Seller Central platform. By adhering to these new requirements, sellers can enhance their chances of successful coupon promotions, ultimately leading to better visibility and sales on the platform.

Amazon's decision to implement these new pricing requirements reflects its commitment to creating a fair and competitive marketplace. Sellers are advised to closely monitor their pricing strategies and remain compliant with Amazon's policies to take full advantage of the opportunities coupons offer.

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