Amazon Helps Turkey Quake Victims

Amazon Helps Turkey Quake Victims

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has devastated southern Turkey and neighboring Syria. Government authorities have confirmed the death toll to be 6,000 and it is expected to rise.

Many countries across the globe, including social organizations, are coming forward to help the earthquake victims with the supply of essential items to help the victims face harsh winter conditions in the face of this tragedy.

In this time of crisis, the leading online retailer AmazonTM has announced that it will donate food, medicine and equipment to Turkey.

Several trucks filled with humanitarian assistance left Amazon's warehouse in Istanbul, heading toward the earthquake-hit areas of the country.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Tweets, ‘’Tragic news out of Turkey and the surrounding region. We’re activating Amazon’s logistics and delivery network to quickly get donated relief items such as blankets, tents, heaters, food, diapers, baby food & medicine to those in need.’’

On the other hand, in an official release the company said that it has activated its disaster relief capabilities and is responding to help meet the immediate needs of the Red Crescent and other relief organizations. Also, it is preparing to ship donated relief items from our fulfillment center in Istanbul to affected areas, including items such as blankets, tents, heaters, food, diapers, baby food, medicine, and other emergency items.

“This immediate delivery is just the beginning of Amazon’s response,” said Abe Diaz, head of Amazon’s Disaster Relief program.

He added, “Over the coming days, we’ll work with local organizations and disaster-relief groups to identify on-the-ground needs and use Amazon’s logistics and delivery network to meet them.”

Amazon has nearly 2,000 employees in Turkey. However, there are no Amazon facilities in the affected areas.
The company announced that it will continue to leverage its infrastructure, inventory, and teams to provide relief to the needy.

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