E-Com Sales in the US Cross $1 Trillion

E-Com Sales in the US Cross $1 Trillion

Despite the headwinds of uncertain economic conditions, eCommerce retail sales reach new heights in the year 2022 by crossing the 1 trillion mark in a single year for the first time in the history of the US.

Data disclosed by analytics and measurement company Comscore reveals that eCommerce sales surpass $1.09 trillion in the U.S. in 2022 from $904.3 billion in 2021 - an 11% increase.

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The last quarter (Q4) in 2022 accounted for eCommerce sales of $332.2 billion which boosted the yearly sales to cross the historic $1 trillion mark; making 2022 the biggest ever year for eCommerce.

The top five highest-grossing categories reported are:
1. Grocery/baby/pet: $219 billion

2. Apparel and accessories: $175 billion
3. Computers and peripherals: $117 billion
4. Consumer electronics: $85 billion
5. Furniture and appliances: $76 billion

Mobile Vs. Desktop Commerce:
The analysis of ComScore indicates that mobile commerce’s share of overall digital spending for Q4 of 2022 reached an all-time high of 38%, or $127.5 billion. Though desktop PCs are still the dominant digital commerce devices, the study indicates that mobile commerce will soon surpass desktops.

The data indicates that retailers or online sellers need to work more on a ‘Mobile First’ development approach that includes websites specifically designed for smartphone interaction and native mobile apps.

The study indicates that the use of mobile devices for spending online grew at twice the rate of desktop eCommerce.

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