How to Fix Amazon's Potential High Pricing error?

How to Fix Amazon's Potential High Pricing error?

Written by Ashwini, Published by Hani

Before we examine how to resolve this issue, let us understand why Amazon has established this alert in the first place. Amazon always proclaims that they aspire to be the most customer-centric company in the world and that earning customer trust is the key objective in everything they do. They believe that low prices are one of the best ways to gain customer trust and loyalty and they want to ensure that the products are not priced too high resulting in damaging the trust Amazon has with their customers. You can read more about this in Amazon’s Fair Pricing Policy.

1. Verify Your Selling Price
Amazon would assess the price based on the selling history of your SKU or other sellers price on the ASIN. If you accidentally input $99.99 for an SKU priced at $9.99, it may lead to deactivation for high price error. Hence, having a fair valid price is one of the key parameters for avoiding pricing error.

2. Update Minimum and Maximum Price
On the Manage Pricing page, you may input the minimum and maximum price for each SKU/ASIN, so that Amazon determines your selling price as intentional and not saved by mistake. You need to ensure that your selling price is in between the minimum and maximum price entered for that specific SKU. If you use a third party tool like ChannelMAX, repricer would help you feed the prices as per your competition on the listing. This will help your price in the range preferred by Amazon.

3. Revise Your Price
Analyse your competitors selling price and then revise your selling price around the lowest offer. This step also helps fix the high price error, if it had happened because you wanted to advertise the SKU at a significantly higher price than others in the market. If you have already updated the minimum and maximum price for the SKU, then please keep in mind the range while modifying your price, else it may lead to potential pricing error for low price.

4. Return Your Inventory
If none of the above steps are helping you to fix the errors, as a final resort, you may try placing a removal order for these SKUs with errors and bring back the inventory. When the inventory is received on your end, close and delete the listings. Later on, create a new MSKU and send the shipments back to Amazon. I know this is not a recommended option but this is what is being done by many to avoid the complete loss.

As a final note, I would bring to your attention that having a fair price on the listings are a key for avoiding potential pricing errors. ChannelMAX repricing strategy can help you auto detect Amazon featured buy box eligible price, meaning we can auto detect what could be the high price that you can set at by configuring a specific repricer settings. You may try this feature for free with our 30 days no obligation trial plan.


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